WelcomeThe opening of David Kent Holmquist Elementary is a testament to the educational legacy he has left for Alief ISD! Children will be taught extraordinary things. Minds will grow and challenges will be faced, met, and overcome. The bright future of the children who walk the halls of Holmquist Elementary will be proof of the great efforts made by teachers, students, administrators, and the Holmquist family, striving for excellence in everything they do! We want to take the time to let you know how thankful we are to all of you for the great support you are providing to your children. We saw so many parents attend, participate, and receive information at our Open House and school namesake dedication ceremony in honor of David K. Holmquist. When children see us come together to make learning happen, they are more motivated and rise to meet the expectation.

WelcomeWe have high expectations for our students, and they are expected to master so many more objectives than we did when we were in school. We know that sometimes the vocabulary and content can be a little confusing for parents and sometimes it is hard to determine how you can help strengthen your child’s skills at home. If you want to know how to help your child, please make sure that you attend our future events. They will give you specific activities and information on how to help your child in the areas of reading and math. Working as a team at home and at school certainly helps our children and we all benefit from the collaborative culture we are striving to maintain.

Nancy Lewin

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